Run Sheet Planning Sesh

A reception that runs smoothly is noticeable.

And there is a lot of extra minor details that just isn’t covered by your venue.

What music will you enter to?

Who is going to speak?

When should speeches occur?

How are you going to finish the night?!

We can get together and nut it all out so everything is sorted. 

What we'll do:

We get together and plan it all out 2-1 week prior to your ceremony – this can also be done over the phone or via video chat

We make sure the timings suit the venue run sheet (if provided) 

If there is no venue run sheet, we plan it out together! 

Bring your chosen MC and we can have a pow wow as part of the prep session to make sure they are ready to go!

You get a digital copy of the run sheet ready to print or upload to a digital tablet along with notes and details ready to hand to the venue and your MC


Cost: $60/hr