Just the Legal Bits
Getting married without the bells and whistles.

We skip go and just get married.

This ceremony option covers only the legal requirements indicated by the Marriages Act. It’s simple, and sweet but is not personalised - we literally get straight to the point.

When you opt for Just the Legal Bits you get:


Married! Quickly and without all the extras

Information regarding how to legally get hitched and the arrangement of all legal paperwork

Travel within 60 minutes from the Newcastle area

Professional PA system with Bluetooth capabilities

Cordless Microphone

Lodgement of all legal documentation

Official Certificate of Marriage requested and paid for on your behalf with Births, Deaths and Marriages (standard certificate fee $60 and is subject to change according to fees with BD&M)

a very happy and outgoing human being



*Approx. cost: $760

*Travel time outside of 60 Minutes from Newcastle may incur a travel fee.

*This option is not available for ceremonies held on a Saturday.

Looking to just get married on a Saturday? Check out the Short but Sweet ceremony for something light but nice, or The Main Attraction ceremony for all your ceremony desires.