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Bec Essery Wedding Photography with Taliah & Logan 2021


I'm Jade. the biggest people person you will ever meet. I'm laid back with a laugh that you will hear from the other side of the room.

After more than 10 years in the music industry as a professional singer, I decided to add 'Wedding Doer'er' to my bag of tricks and now I'm a Registered Marriage Celebrant getting couples wed, providing live music options and MC-hosting the house down at the reception!

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As a musician I have performed on small stages, big stages, TV and at countess weddings, performing at the ceremony and the reception.

I have experience in running small and large scale events, I completed a Bachelor of Music in 2014 with The Australian Institute of Music, I love a good French Martini and I drink my coffee black (cause I'm a strong little pocket rocket).

Talk to me about Brooklyn 99 and we'll need to add an extra hour to our meeting time.

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I wanna make your day fun.

I wanna make you laugh.

I want it to be like you wrote it.

I'll be super professional and your best friend all at once (your guests will literally think that we know each other already: I regularly get asked that at the end of almost every ceremony).

Let's have some fun and make your wedding day the best day of your life!